5 Globex
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RT @e 60 min globex chart paid by 62 to 60 first time back ; 72.5 LMH high key for now $ES_F friday’s 57.5 low important support #EMWS

Trailers below 57.25 #EMWS if u played overnight $ES_F

@ColdeyesHotfire RT :@e What’s another Mulligan when you’re playing a friendly round of wac a mole? $ES_F PFS by 2172.5 if long #EMWS

@ColdeyesHotfire I determine ranges the market needs to resolve. near the edges better odds playing the other way

RT @e : T2 today is 2057.25 and assumed support target until broken #EMWS $ES_F LWM 61.75 primary target today short side, gravy below

RT @e : 60 min globex chart paid by 62 to 60 first time back ; 72.5 LMH high key for now $ES_F friday’s 57.5 low important support #EMWS

@ColdeyesHotfire so 72.5 normal resistance I had for yesterday, 57/62 support zone $ES_F these ideas are for aggressive day traders

@ColdeyesHotfire Here is a blog with larger time frame analysis ow.ly/QKTh302Q7wp No worries. 1st priority is trading b4 posting

@ColdeyesHotfire why would we worry about the 54 and the 52 low before the 57.5 from Friday? keep it simple, step by step

still inside the ranges posted July 14 ow.ly/yWKt302Q8m4 note reference to 72 and 77 #EMWS @ColdeyesHotfire

The Eagle is Landing ow.ly/cUXC302Qd7E #EMWS looking for team players who want to train and teach the Emini wizard system $ES_F

2163.5 half gap get paid if long, using 66 agg resistance $ES_F

@ColdeyesHotfire July 15 …$ES_F position squaring this afternoon, OP ex Lock profits if any by 48 good fortune closing 46 gap test 45

I week ago I told a trader friend of mine I thought we were boxed 2145 to 2175 #EMWS That sequence is done $ES_F

@ColdeyesHotfire It takes time to see relationships. Note the neckline break from 7/27/ 7/28 to this am’s 58 break $ES_F be patient learning

RT @HamzeiAnalytics: New HA Blog Post Tuesday August 2, 2016 Morning Comments by Michael Blythe: Good morning bit.ly/2aK9tsz /kudos

#EMWS now using the7/14 low 2142 to 2134 breakout as next support zone $ES_F

@ColdeyesHotfire check out some of my “Friends to Follow” profiled here ow.ly/DJXI302QTFR many great traders with different styles

2152 to 2156.25 keys now and DFD here. Hi and low likely in for the day #EMWS $ES_F

@MissTrade Texas wedge Matt. Years ago a cut shot with sand wedge, stiff wind right to left. putter or hybrid has better odds for me now

@ColdeyesHotfire One of my posts yesterday was a clue for today’s trade sequence ow.ly/fQlR302RF7d with 41.75 support target $ES_F

RT @e : Almost 200 points rally since 1982.5 low June 28 $ES_F 18 day low —->2081.75 <<------ 2187.5 remains as #EMWS next big resistance @MissTrade @BandonDunesGolf gorgeous. I played in the sand last two weeks at Norton Point MV, no carts or clubs though 🙁