8:58 E possible for 42 9:29 E this is stop run 8:15 E 18.75 is squeeze pivot overnight 9:53 E i would love to see 18 test love love love

Did you remember it was MATD? yesterday’s resistance 43 to 47? #EMWS $ES_F half gap 27, trail/ re -enter for the lower targets

10:32 Emini Wizard paid by 16 settle late close $ES_F

@canuk1 if there was a hurricane yesterday, may there be a few lingering showers and breezy conditions this morning? $ES_F

@canuk1 was there a half gap trade that made sense as part of the Morning after trend day sequence? $ES_F

todays thought: let aggressive longs get stopped out first in stabilizing pattern. expect inside day first, hold yesterdays low $ES_F

@canuk1 10:50 E use stop 12.5 for any buy 10:51 Zeek timing is for taking profits nice trade shorts 10:53 E settle 16 $ES_F

11:37 Zeek I would suggest take all by 18 /$ES_F cover/ trail with runners

@canuk1 agree on globex angel and potential test, seems protected for now. using 32 agg resistance $ES_F

@sewerpimp thanku. zeek was options maker at one time and has 35+ years experience. more fundamental knowledge in pinky than my whole body

@canuk1 note todays primary trade was contra to overnight range, so buys valid as range trades against bigger down trend. key 39 & 26.75

09:29 E aggressive longs are trailing only past 37.5 this is stop run 12:56 E rain is potential target 38/39 by eod $ES_F #EMWS

boyz get agg longs first, then late shorts. 14:13 E This pattern is affectionately known as shake and bake $ES_F

Rain said not yet longs 🙂 $ES_F advised shorts cover into 27

15:17 E and now if got 25 test be happy 15:43 E we have had some big moves in last 30 mins do not get careless $ES_F

14:14 E got the early longs and late shorts 14:20 E: reminder 43 to 44.75 09:20 E 47.25 r1 $ES_F 9:18 E 43/48 testing is normal

15:01 E we said play wac a mole expect boyz to defend today they have. $ES_F

13:44 E double W maybe by eod $ES_F anticipating pattern recognition ow.ly/RIeAR

13:19 E I think day low in shorts had good time this morning conservative this afternoon14:53 E for the xxx 47 15:53 E new high on close

If we cannot see the patterns in hindsight, we can never see them in real time ow.ly/RIgnU #study $ES_F

today’s challenge was yesterday’s outlier day that stole some of today’s range, evening up the odds for bear flag by eod $ES_F

59.5 breakdown retest ow.ly/RIySn note prior breaks for retests ow.ly/RIyUj $ES_F #EMWS

Team E as noted today t1 is 59, so keep 62 as resistance for now ow.ly/RII4r retest 47 if lucky $ES_F