456 ow.ly/R5mmx $ES_F 8:17 Emini Wizard 83.5 controlling low #EMWS

Zeek never posts on twitter, but valuable asset for us ow.ly/R5rma $ES_F

Mr 85 ow.ly/R5Bmz $ES_F ow.ly/R5BmA experience matters. #EMWS

09:50 E t2 today is 69.5 $ES_F umbrella trades are powerful 10:47 E 67.75 is next visible support #EMWS

10:44 Zeek I think we can get back to 64.5, which was … $ES_F

11:43 E time and price say get paid dont give back 10 to make 2 9:25 E chasers today south may become hunted because stolen range and fomc

09:28 E trapped longs paying up first 09:43 E i will allow market time to settle before buy 10:00 E umbrella trade fast and hard $ES_F

10:36 E do not be surprised if 85 gets retested by eod 13:45 E v bounce has started 14:02 E boyz want to knock out ib high $ES_F

13:49 E 88.75 half gap

08:03 E today will be two way day i believe 9:25 E chasers today south may become the hunted later because of stolen range and fomc $ES_F

the numbers are important, but Psychology is as well. Price, Pattern, Timing, Psychology, Anticipating, Reacting $ES_F

PFS by 85 if shorted 14:42 E target 82 possible ow.ly/R6SHK $ES_F say yeehaa

14:25 Jason 2077 is SOC, should revisit at some point i believe $ES_F

13:59 E hit one more bounce this afternoon 14:25 E this is a contra until 98 goes $ES_F 15:02 E all done by 74/72 more is good fortune

15:22 E should get small swing long by eod profit taking from shorts $ES_F use 85 resist now for any short

@BamaTrader @TRADEnPERFORM @TraderSmarts @sewerpimp @shemesht thanks all much appreciated comments etc by these pros $ES_F

@jwsuga lol 🙂 $ES_F

@jwsuga < great student 15:35 Jason that 85 was support for so long may turn into resistance $ES_F 15:46 E stops 85 for shorts 82/83 as mid

Doji we used as resistance EOD ow.ly/R7cPl levels ow.ly/R7cPm big picture ow.ly/R7cPn $ES_F #EMWS

@Jediphone Thank u as always much appreciated #EMWS