15 Globex structure

15 Globex mini umbrella


@shemesht @nominalrate @dizz1e @airvipmrohde @FOCUS_ON_RISK @MissTrade @DowdEdward @TheFibDoctor thanks to all


If you followed my trade logic the past few days, 72/71 test is get paid for sure (PFS) if short ow.ly/kJ6X303jRfq trailers for more

@MissTrade awesome and back at you Matt

RT @e Aug 9 post T1 today is.$ES_F keeping 2171 as primary support until broken Big pivot 2187.5 / destiny 2187.5 test #EMWS / testing

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS will monitor this Big 2187.5 Pivot level being undermined in the future as a signal for retracement action $ES_F

#EMWS 69 to 66 is expected target zone for shorts today, tighten up by 2170 if short $ES_F

Mini umbrella trade ow.ly/R2W5303jViV need some rain now and then #EMWS $ES_F

T2 today is 2166 if short with trailer stops down and manage #EMWS $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: Free Open House for September will be 12th & 13th –eepurl.com/cbYZP5

Retest into 74/ 75.5 ahead of news important, paying attention to 78.25 now#EMWS $ES_F

@RayJohnson777 flushed out LWL and now trying to bounce test 75/78 #EMWS

PFS by 2182 if long $ES_F

today’s demon test is 2179 $ES_F

@MrTopStep great trade Danny

magnet at 74.75 PFS if shorted #EMWS day low hi and low probably in $ES_F