11:24 Emini Wizard totally surprised at this move $ES_F key is being honest about reality, cannot be delusional and in denial

@BidFlounder sure. 02 next, then the 5 to 7 resistance targets in play ow.ly/R1oA1 $ES_F shorts had to acknowledge the reversal

careful overthinking theta burn week while the Boyz are in the Hamptons ow.ly/R2izd $ES_F

Step by step ow.ly/R2lcv $ES_F

@sewerpimp lol pimp. fell asleep today and just had fun watching this. “theta burn day”, tested primary support $ES_F

levels ow.ly/R4456 8:19 E plan hit one bounce and expect theta burn 456 in progress symmetry 89.5 $ES_F ow.ly/R4457

13:57 E 88 support for scalp with yest trend will likely chop a bit 14:02 E first time back to rain is usually a cover so can try buy $ES_F

14:22 E paid for sure 95.25 #EMWS $ES_F accumulate a bit of capital, knowledge every day ow.ly/R45rC