back to this  market structure  $ES_F inside the pipe 52 support for now

65 retest  $ES_F

PFS 52 and trail only under 55 $ES_F 69.5 resistance intact. Chase trade a winner

10:25 Emini Wizard 46.5 is the 78.6 capture all by the end of IB $ES_F 10:27 Emini Wizard paid for sure into 48/47 #EMWS

11:27 Emini Wizard i think low is in for morning 12:04 E under 50 good fortune 11:37 Zeek 61 is xxx $ES_F

lunch contra $ES_F 11:25 E some stupid news will come out today and market zip uphill dont know when but thats the criminal handbook talking

11:10 E think beach ball bounce possible 2 way day cuz range so large  $ES_F 9:26 E 71 resistance high until broken

8:44 E 72 to 75 tests available 8:45 E slingshots always possible (v bounce) 8:20 E i expect to see 71 busted this morning $ES_F

boyz needed time to set up the chasers $ES_F 08:16 Emini Wizard we should get a bounce today will take a few rotations

Rain hit, could be more, but longs cover by 75 advised  $ES_F

14:07 Emini Wizard 67.75 magnet will need several tries short $ES_F

invisible hand says 77/78 $ES_F

08:44 E back end 78/82 $ES_F have a plan 8:45 E slingshot always possible (v bounce) need a formation first 10:27 E paid for sure into 48/47

once momo builds this afternoon, last night’s fast five min auction bar fair game by the Boyz  $ES_F

@MockTrade totally agree about aapl. $ES_F 11:02 Zeek AAPL back in the black PPT must be in the market

time for a swim 84.5 is demon for the day $ES_F

@canuk1 lol. U got it, Scene of the crime. 61.25 we had as squeeze pivot, Frank had the 65 bo nailed for any day high on reversal $ES_F

@canuk1 Had appointment missed last hour. Swim lessons for kids, made super progress today 🙂

@canuk1 agreed Tom we have more work to do downside within day or so 88.75 still important

@canuk1 @MockTrade @shemesht @mctweet770 @TexTrader @jsfalvo @onefourdroopy thanks all #EMWS $ES_F