60 Globex during IB

60 Globex EOD


@onefourdroopy @ciscohitt @AnthonyCrudele @nominalrate @lilli33 @MrTopStep @BEFREEinFL @LongTplexTrader @RP_RP_RP @WatermanLXXIII @StevenTaggart @pm1889 thanks to all
60 Globex on cue ow.ly/5JQl3038wTD #EMWS $ES_F

the fix is in so be conservative short today $ES_F

@pm1889 we have been range bound for a few weeks and market seems to be protecting 68/72 right now $ES_F gotta think small either way

thinking half gap 75.5 is aggressive support for now $ES_F (It was)

@WatermanLXXIII PFS by half gap 75.5 and more is good fortune $ES_F

inside day so far, hit and run trading best in this context $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII PFS by 2182 and trailers for new high $ES_F dont risk 5 to make 2 #EMWS

@StevenTaggart sorry, I dont want to mislead you, not really focused there. Will take a look later

RT @e : Using Friday’s high 78.5 zone as bull bear idea… #EMWS next resistance targets as previously posted 2185.25 to 2187.5 $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII if u bought it , tighten stops on trailers/ addons into 2185.25 to 2187.5 big pivot #EMWS $ES_F

@RP_RP_RP your target the same as @AnthonyCrudele what’s a few points among friends? T2 today is 2188 and that is #EMWS big pivot

@ciscohitt The red zone near the goal line is always the longest yard $ES_F trapping and squeezing shorts still the best game in town

@MrTopStep It’s a nasty game as we know #criminal handbook

squeeze pivot 2180.5 as stop for higher highs $ES_F keep profits if any, risk small this afternoon if not playing golf or going to beach

@onefourdroopy I think risk and reward gets tougher as we approach 2185.25 to 2187.5 $ES_F if stop at 80.5, now risking 5 to make .25 to 2.5

@onefourdroopy bigger support 2172 to 2175 for swing traders $ES_F

@onefourdroopy u bet. just one man’s opinion of course

Aug 9 post T1 today is… 2181.25 PFS by 2182 if long, stops up $ES_F keeping 2171 as primary support until broken Big pivot 2187.5

so yesterday was shakeout day and believers bought for the swing 68/72 $ES_F

60 Globex $ES_F ow.ly/ufnH3039CFZ EOD chart #EMWS