Left 2 pm Monday to celebrate Hazel’s 90th Birthday

Aug 3
Thanks to @casper409 @BamaTrader @RenaTrader @SE1_Trading and all the usual suspects. Back at u #FF

2 weeks in MV does wonders for the soul. Ticket to nowhere #EMWS  wedge  $ES_F levels

Team E using 98.5 magnet as benchmark for now. SS updated, last one in brings java tomorrow #EMWS $ES_F

@canuk1 Hi tom, Super fun. Pirates $ES_F #EMWS  Playtime  What it’s all about

@BamaTrader suspecting PPT is vigilant today regarding Greece and controlling the pullback $ES_F

T2 is 83.5 today and shorts advised trail only past 85 #EMWS $ES_F searching for support into 82.5

1:08 E: 78 Next key support $ES_F #EMWS

Aug 4

Time and price charts are so yesterday…  $ES_F #EMWS

@ciscohitt 🙂 If you are in this business, we need some disconnect time. Thanks cisco !

@sewerpimp lol. I wanted to partner up with the Donald for that…He wanted me to do day to day operations so I passed on it.. 🙂

09:44 Emini Wizard agg support zone is 87.5 $ES_F #EMWS

10:15 Emini Wizard 94.5 to 95.5 as targets #EMWS $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele well said $ES_F (Cannot roll out of bed anymore and trade; preparation needed)

09:55 Emini Wizard my preference is to see 98 hold as resistance catch both sides $ES_F 10:29 Emini Wizard paid for sure by 97/98

09:12 E thinking today second mouse may get cheese MATD 09:30 E megaphone maybe. keeping 87/88 as immediate support for testing 93

@ManOverMarket and big picture market is still deciding last year’s high $ES_F

13:40 Emini Wizard expecting that we have 81/94 #EMWS $ES_F Paid for sure by 82 if shorted

08:20 E MATD maybe for testing 85/82 $ES_F 08:20 E more than that good fortune 08:20 E thinking consolidation #EMWS

@spz_trader back at u and these other great traders Pauly and thank you. $ES_F

pattern seems like a megaphone inside a descending triangle  #EMWS $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele @dakatalyzt1 @sewerpimp @spz_trader @pipsnticks @ciscohitt @BinaryOptions85 @shemesht @canuk1 thanks all $ES_F