Almost half the hammer gone. nas weaker today then sp $ES_F 76.5 demon EOD big payoff for bucket shop traders. 78/83 still next obstacle

Perfectamundo  gn all $ES_F levels


This market is mentally exhausting  #EMWS $ES_F

noise until FOMC, save some powder. First of month bias has produced sharp contras but not much offense $ES_F

@ciscohitt magnet 55.25 so still deciding Year open +/- @ 1% for now  $ES_F

08:16 E 45.5 angel 9:30 Emini Wizard hit a bounce test for support #EMWS $ES_F

11:37 E one last short maybe run stops then bounce #EMWS 12:03 E 53 pp

$ES_F 12:59 E careless shorts will squeal again

If you are trading right now you probably missed the morning primary trade. Relax. Kibitz. Dont over trade ahead of news $ES_F

@robert12756 lol. As you know, this market needs to be respected. Hand on your wallet, just like in a casino full of pickpockets $ES_F

14:07 E seems market struggling near 52/53 $ES_F 14:20 E 45 bingo more is good fortune like your 40 target #EMWS

🙂 thought they wanted to bust 42 #EMWS 14:27 E use the idea of 41… $ES_F traile below 42

just needed a few of you believers to join the party 🙂 cover into 38 #EMWS $ES_F manage trailer here . cant add in here too low

@AnthonyCrudele he’s relying on your help. cmon double up $ES_F

14:59 E stop 48 for shorts $ES_F

Getting late make sure re entries are paid $ES_F Psychology.. Shorts scared, longs emboldened EOD last few days. Nyse out and you like buy?

48.5 IB low resistance a beautiful thing $ES_F #kiss paid 39.5 angel to 37.5

Market shouldn’t have pulled back so deeply overnight if we were going up. 52 not holding said cautious longs $ES_F

09:04 E magnet 55.25 so still deciding Year open +/- @ 1% for now $ES_F 15:07 E is today the day we whoosh and close below 55? // “yes”

levels  $ES_F  globex charts  #EMWS  Gap chart


Bonus Chart for Readers  10 min RTH