Not a good idea to turn your back on the Boyz and the Invisible Hand  #EMWS $ES_F 7/6  7:14 pm

levels $ES_F  #EMWS 456 in play #kiss

Its a beautiful thing  #EMWS $ES_F

08:58 Emini Wizard i would like to see us get the 58/55 test today #EMWS $ES_F

(We did coming and going:)

T1 54.5 today year open test 55 near 2 day swing mid our primary target. 53 yest mid $ES_F 8:34 E test 62.5, 55, 48, 42 Paid for sure by 52

10:08 Emini Wizard 46.5 t2 coverrrrrrrr all #EMWS trailer up to u. Be happy 47/48 $ES_F

08:34 Emini Wizard test 62.5, 55, 48, 42 $ES_F

40 points off high may be a nice area to get paid/ stops down if trailing #EMWS $ES_F

@ManOverMarket risk reward coming in at 37.5 $ES_F

better risk and reward shorting the IB low test 🙂 #EMWS $ES_F

08:05 E yest low support til broken #EMWS $ES_F same as yesterday 32 stops intact

suggested longs cover ahead of gap at 61.5 $ES_F

V bounces need just a bit of time to reverse, then can be ferocious in corrective markets $ES_F

this bungee market will rip our heart out if undisciplined and inflexible in thinking $ES_F

@VictorZubarev may as well just say at days open 67.75 ? using 60 back marker 61.5 to 62.25 as PPT’s next obstacle for now $ES_F

13:52 Emini Wizard 54.5 magnet $ES_F

10:25 E need a consolidation or v bounce $ES_F 13:36 E need to protect 52 #EMWS 10:25 E 72 resistance

14:39 E gap close not out of the question $ES_F think like a bot

14:00 E so key is dislodging 54.25 low squeeze pivot $ES_F we let the market generate information to guide us in directional rotations

there are so many good ways to analyze and trade markets. Find something that works for us and manage risk $ES_F

@TraderSmarts lol when momo starts, body bags for those who cannot go sideline or realign with it $ES_F

better than those 8 point ranges we get all day in august, right? $ES_F

@TraderSmarts this is just for you Tony and how I think like a criminal  #EMWS please no one else can look $ES_F

today’s demon 76.5 and anything goes .. 40 + reversal from low #EMWS $ES_F 83.25 resistance target for tomorrow

and the sheep were led to the slaughter  #EMWS $ES_F

@2pete @tmutoza @KaylaRay314 @OpenOut_Crying @error800 @ciscohitt @TraderSmarts @ChrisColeIAM @inflatemNOT thanks all $ES_F

@SusanCTShore @VictorZubarev @Jediphone @just4girls1 @midget_666 @rlozanov @shemesht ditto thanks all $ES_F