step by step  #EMWS $ES_F

8:31 E i said 94 strong support 8:35 E 8.75 is squeeze pivot 8:32 E if we are lucky they give shorts a few crumbs today 5 points or so $ES_F

8:45 E the hard trade is chase long using the 9 as support 9:37 E id 40 back 10.75 target $ES_F 10:35 E 61.8 ext is 15.63

10:59 E squeeze coming 11:37 E i say jerks run stops on shorts 11:41 E think capture into 17 $ES_F

volume pathetic in this squeeze  $ES_F alligator from the rain line  #EMWS

@ReversalTrend thanks for your input 09:33 E hit and run day shorts reminder agenda is catch shorty and squeeze $ES_F stolen range day

DTL may stall it. Anyone’s guess. $ES_F think small either side was plan in theta burn day

Tough fighting banks and NQ  #EMWS

8:22 E 18.75 shows up already as t1 so that is premarket resistance now / still is. 11:26 E if buy 12.5 /13 … intact $ES_F brutal day

10:52 E not thinking about anything but dont get caught as a squeeze the short 11:49 E shorts lost their will at mercy of the invisible hand

09:28 E market wants to test 18.75 marker $ES_F gotta know likely zones if u want an edge. BEFORE and not when its obvious to late charlie

rotations were all higher highs and higher lows $ES_F trend up above blue line  all longs make sure paid into 18

09:22 E best shorts from 20 zone risk reward dont shoot the messenger  #EMWS $ES_F avoid trouble day

@ReversalTrend @Tranquil_One @tmutoza @onefourdroopy @shemesht @DannyKramer7 thanks all #EMWS $ES_F