Know where the exits are  #EMWS day low in $ES_F  shorts not breaking rainline rth

8:41 E not excited about the longs here meaning time. we have had no pb since the 38 low and the 52 low $ES_F

8:46 E using the 7 to 9 as resistance need news event $ES_F

8:20 Emini Wizard 95 s1 $ES_F 9.5 the flipper resistance 8:12 E could use a soft day but the 94 still a potent zone of support til broken

8:16 E still consolidating to thrusting up we need a pb soon if dont get one will likely be tedious chop $ES_F #EMWS

Plan: think range. Hit bounces into 7 to 9.5 resistance. 98 support until broken. cant get excited either way, accumulate a few points $ES_F

Tunnel through time 120  #EMWS $ES_F

5 min chart RTH  Globex  charts     re-entry and/or add ons  #EMWS $ES_F