5 minute Globex pre market

10 minute Globex

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Amazing market 2162.5 mirror target achieved using 72/75 as next resistance 2048 aggressive support #EMWS ow.ly/HAP2302eIdO

everyone would love call “The Top”. Anyone who does will likely be wrong 5x before being right $ES_F ow.ly/mvPi302eJOw $ES_F

55.5 to 56 the key player right now $ES_F

@DowdEdward hard to say… climax tops often are powerful. I think range trade above 48/yest high 52.25 first idea $ES_F

@pm1889 yesterday’s low support until broken

current demon is 2164.75 and conservative early dip buyers may want to cover ahead of news $ES_F

#EMWS If u hit the demon 64.75 pre market make sure paid by 55 to 54 $ES_F need several swings today

MrTopStep IED (Irrational Exuberance Day)

@zerohedge and yet here we are, deal with it $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele after 72 I have 77 and the biggie is 2185.25 to 2187.5 next Major Player #EMWS on vaction next 2 weeks so posting it now

pay attention to support in up trends” until it stops working and try to get a piece of the range action every day #EMWS

Sobering thought: One half the year’s range has been achieved in the last 14 trading days #EMWS $ES_F Another Mulligan…

Too early to tell if this is a descending triangle intraday $ES_F 3 lower highs and the double at the middle #EMWS range for now

@DowdEdward half gap is 53.75 and the 52.25 test come first before 50/49 #EMWS step by step. Not easy fighting the trend $ES_F

Step by step, find a few trades a day and keep what we can. half gap done, 52.25 test #1 #EMWS $ES_F

Low could be in for the day , 59 to 62 zone will give us clues #EMWS High is probably in as well $ES_F

#EMWS if bought support, PFS by 2161.75 and trailers above $ES_F

S and T revisited  End of July approaching, hope he used stops, we all need them $ES_F