08:32 Emini Wizard gap trade 88 and 90 support for it MATD $ES_F

09:43 E 98 potential target #EMWS $ES_F 09:51 E 98 to 99 potential 09:52 E 98/02 as next resist MATD a winner

encouraged longs to get paid into 2101. Not afraid to miss short side $ES_F low volume squeezer .61 is 05 #EMWS

two day swing +50 points, low volume squeezer #EMWS $ES_F Paid for Sure by 02

11:14 Emini Wizard agg stops 98 for longs trailing $EMWS $ES_F

8:22 E …..02 make the most sense $ES_F already know what we are looking for and where odds should change #kiss

Why give back 5 points to make a few more tics? #kiss My best posts are usaully just common sense ideas

98.5 is the IB high retest $ES_F

@pipsnticks 2100.75 is demon that retriggered, so key is holding high intact now for testing 94.75 yesterday high marker $ES_F

11:14 E agg stops 98 $ES_F re entry reminder : 11:36 E dont squander mornings gains

10:33 Zeek 05-06 is the big target $ES_F 10:34 E .61 is 2105 #EMWS

@pmayrinck1 sorry for delay didnt see this til just now. this was my thinking  $ES_F

@pmayrinck1 I thought so with Greece, low volume, late day and 2 stage rocket past Pluto (38 low and 52 low)

8:06 E yest IB high 91.25 and we havent broken that yet. by end of day today expecting stall after this big push. Not yet $ES_F

@pmayrinck1 I have found there is never “easy money”. That 3 foot putt on 18 for $10 nassau looks like eight feet, right? 🙂 $ES_F

@pmayrinck1 exactly. We thought longs should cover by 05. be willing to miss a few to protect gains 14:55 E bird in the hand $ES_F

@PersonalizedGolf @pmayrinck1 @dbklozur @Knight2507 @shemesht @pipsnticks @casper409 @ThetaCheck @tmutoza @onefourdroopy @bullbear365 thanku

5 min chart RTH  $ES_F Globex  #EMWS  re-entry and/or add ons