Range Rider

Bulls defend their turf


Armstrong on the ill state of Illinois ow.ly/IWCW30dBdYm flat lining when they run out of other people’s money

Power corrupts, totally agree Holly

#EMWS [9:31] fading today a few times makes sense for gap. 47 resistance for gap play $ES_F #kiss

#EMWS double toppers advised to grab something by yest 43.75 high to 42.75 $ES_F

You do realize the Boyz marginally broke both ends of the $ES_F overnight range? Read the #EMWS criminal handbook for The Professional Edge

Agreed. They want to test that 52 zone and JV team already on the field. Need a touchdown or two field goals before a fumble

Stay unbiased and continue to read the tape DT4$ traders were given my significant resistance target and how I calculated it $ES_F

Thank You

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