The math makes sense but the market doesn’t  $ES_F #EMWS

Boyz losing their touch. Only 50 handles off thursday’s late 38.25 low. Perfect symmetry $ES_F #EMWS

09:22 E completion targets 89 , 90.5 , 92.75 , 94.75 , 96 gap $ES_F 08:54 E trapped shorts need to pay up 09:10 E resist zone 92/95

11:37 E 85 being protected 10:53 E is for the 94/96 $ES_F 11:13 E careful of doubles near 85/86 though 11:23 E if buy 86/87 think small

Stolen range capped trade until eod squeeze  $ES_F 15 min alligator chart #EMWS

RTH ten points range ugly for day traders 08:42 E if 10% of traders got half this move its a lot. 83.25 high was also a break out

09:12 E shorts will best be served by being extremely conservative look for stop run then try a scalp $ES_F

Big levels update. Using the Ladies Tee helped  #EMWS $ES_F