30 Min Globex chart



RT @e wt1 is 2130.5 and daily t2 is 2132.5 and I dont consider these extreme targets reachable today. capture what you can enjoy the weekend

15 min chart from friday ow.ly/joV23026MJt 120 globex levels ow.ly/gUBJ3026MML Tee up another Mulligan $ES_F night all

@dmankoff if long it is time to rejoice and move stops up. Likely we will break high and mirror the undercut low with a higher high $ES_F

Cacklers who are now proclaiming “why aren’t you adding on here for position?” probably missed buying the 2085/2082 low last week $ES_F

Last year’s targets were 2134.25 to 2038.5 so starting there. Deli suggested 2158 as a target #EMWS 45 comes first & 62.5 is mirror high

RT @eminiwizard: Trailers above 18 in heat seeking missile mode to run stops for T1 2021.25 by EOD #EMWS/ so 2018 intact is support $ES_F

@MrTopStep need to use 24.5 to 25.5 Friday’s high as a key benchmark today I think $ES_F

bingo by 24.5 and trail is all if short $ES_F

30 globex ow.ly/Eoxl3027ZyO 31.5 is overnight demon Trailers above 31.5 for good fortune if bought fridays high $ES_F thinking small

#EMWS ambulance chasers stops up at 2134.25 target hit $ES_F Mulligan Man on the 19th tee

28.5 middle and 27.75 is RTH Angel PFS if hit the contra today. Range type day in MATD follow thru. 38.5 resistance target remains intact