30 min Globex

“1982.5 is support until broken” was called on the day of this low



30 Globex ow.ly/Sao8302a1Lq climbing the stairway to heaven ow.ly/CuTX302a1VW #kiss MBO

Gap chart ow.ly/LVwd302a6QS #EMWS we use objective criteria , not emotional jibberish. Using 2034/ 2032 as benchmark now $ES_F

What do day traders know about the Big Boyz? 666.79 / 1576.5 / .61 extension is 2138.70 achieved #EMWS

@TraderMD careful today being sloppy in chasing this market. Giddy players now thinking one way only is usually a red flag. nice ideas $ES_F

RT @e Last year’s targets 2134.25 to 2038.5 so starting there. Deli suggested 2158 as a target #EMWS 45 comes first/next resistance target

PFS by T1 2148.75 to 49.25 if long $ES_F robots are on fire #EMWS