Swing 3 Box System

30 Globex Timing chart

10 RTH

Mini 3 Box System

June Big Pic Boxes

30 Globex The Funnel

Multi Chart view

30 Globex Range

10 min W Angels and Demons

Sept Contract 30 Globex U

Armstrong cheap S and P

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Sept 30 min $ES_F Globex ow.ly/Y5ZB3016oE3 #kiss #EMWS

Day high and low likely in ow.ly/DxuS3016i1U $ES_F longs defended their turf 06 again $ES_F Less is more crowd is quiet

above 15.5 is good fortune #EMWS june $ES_F

Know your edges and the rest is “Horse Trading” ow.ly/QoAZ3016fyL need to interpret about 3 or 4 days range as a day trader $ES_F

@BidnAsk agree. stolen range overnight, choppy morning, odds for small bounce was good 13.75 half gap hit in ID 456 trade $ES_F

17.25 aggressive resistance for profit taking $ES_F June

“Pay attention to support in uptrends” $ES_F

RT @e: The 06 BO still big key imho $ES_F Boyz come back several days to find buyers/ 2022resistance intact for now ow.ly/PYtn30165hW

Lunch time, keeping 11.25 magnet as bull/bear line for now ow.ly/9Hz73015PGF 30 June updated $ES_F

Will be rolling over, so posting Big pic look at June contract one last time ow.ly/EzTp3015B2N $ES_F

The 06 BO still a big key imho $ES_F Boyz have had to come back several days to find buyers #EMWS 2022resistance intact for now

thinking small 7.5 to 6.75 if short $ES_F more is gravy IB

june mini 3 box system first responders for IB ow.ly/wnZr3015vkU $ES_F step by step

@investasy thank u will do. Likely 2 way day, will try (gasp) shorting a bounce today 10 RTH ow.ly/62PB3015tYH $ES_F June

@investasy ow.ly/1H6C3015sNG 30 Globex M June. By EOD will be ready for Sept $ES_F

The #EMWS 3 box system helps visualize Darvas ideas ow.ly/V8vw3015kPr note the 2007 zone $ES_F

armstrong on the cheap s and p ow.ly/pHNM3015iYj $ES_F

@jdextras i prefer to switch day one but I didnt make time to do the work last night.

@jdextras june

magnet is 11.25 so will use that as bull bear idea today. $ES_F cant get excited either way #EMWS hit and run