@spz_trader nice touch Pauly with your 73 bingo timing. 68.25 support target hit  #EMWS $ES_F

Step by step. yesterday. 13:34 Emini Wizard nq leading the troops clear pattern  #EMWS

Huh? “Best advice I can give: Don’t accept any advice, Do our own homework.” #EMWS

RT @krazytoo: #ES_F $ES_F Live premarket @ 8:45 ET no registration stks.co/i2X4k $STUDY $CHARTS $SPY #FT71 #SPY #GC_F #EMWS

RT @TheFibDoctor: $ES_F $TF_F $NQ_F $YM_F Current resistance levels, old school charting.

72.5 zone big idea  #EMWS $ES_F 08:08 E we will get away with one short maybe but wac a mole more likely

10:43 $ES_F #EMWS E 2070.25 magic level 9:36 E now thinking key for today is can we stall by 85

12:53 E 76 support intact  $ES_F either u get it or u dont 13:13 E 85 stall zone? #EMWS

13:36 E hoping we may get one nice short this afternoon 15:13 E 75/76 key 🙂 #EMWS $ES_F