15 Globex Pre market

Algos are buying support

Mini 3 Box system

15 Globex

5 Globex with squeeze pivot identified


@pipsnticks @Jediphone @far_kurnell @onefourdroopy @BEFREEinFL @davidwazz @rothmere @ciscohitt @digitalhinder @AnthonyCrudele @StevenTaggart @LongTplexTrader thanks to all

15 Globex ow.ly/3EMJ3012zy4 $ES_F think like an algo step by step ow.ly/3wuf3012AfV #EMWS 06 BO intact for now

Mini 3 box system ow.ly/nzwl3012PTf $ES_F find an edge and grab a point or two if playing pre market #EMWS

if long PFS by R1 16 to 17.25, trailers for 18 test ow.ly/6OOH3012SzI $ES_F

Mulligan #14 The rumor of my death is greatly exaggerated $ES_F Only the committed are capitalizing buying pullbacks until it stops working

T1 is 2019.25 today tighten stops #EMWS into the 18/22 next resistance zone

half gap is 11.75 PFS by 12.25 yesterday’s middle if short gap and magnet 9.25 are a bonus $ES_F

Day traders want to see the rotations in the bigger context $ES_F ow.ly/HK3u3013izr 5 Globex #EMWS risk reward awful, think small

RT @SJosephBurns: A Market Wizard on Trading with Zen newtraderu.com/2015/12/21/mar… / great book, nice post

@AnthonyCrudele nice call Deli. Seems at this level we need to back pedal to find interested buyers /shorts to squeeze to get higher $ES_F

2122 resistance target NRO (has not been ruled out) $ES_F manage trailers into DTOP dont give back 5 to make 2 #EMWS

@pipsnticks 67 🙂

dont get careless now if long… stops up $ES_F

this market reminds me of the old golfer’s joke when Morris died on the 13th hole & back nine was tough. Hit the ball, schlep Morris $ES_F

@pipsnticks my pleasure

RT @HamzeiAnalytics: Monday could be the top [for this leg] — volume cycle data suggests that /thanks to great timer for insight, Got Tuna?