one legged stool with termites has better balance now  #EMWS $ES_F levels

8:35 E 8 to 11 hole should get filled $ES_F 8:29 Zeek thinking 11.25 afternoon low is resistance 11:33 E target 97/96 by 1230 hopefully

@ManOverMarket problem for that idea is risk reward right now tough to give back 5 to make 1 more $ES_F

Hit bounces til stops working has been the plan… protect profits and 8.5 our resistance for now $ES_F

@ManOverMarket I know better than try to teach you something 🙂 just pointing it out to others who may not grasp that idea $ES_F
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10:48 Zeek I think that this afternoon could be one way down if we break 96 at lunch 11:48 Zeek 91.38 is globex T1 $ES_F achieved $ES_F

10:37 E desc triangle need patience now 12:07 E 11.5 r1 and 92.25 $ES_F s1 12:06 E beautiful umbrella13:21 E: reminder 88.75 ly high

15:05 here we go using 98/ 99 as key resistance 15:18 E paid 92.75 trailer is all timing was blue line 5 rth #EMWS $ES_F trail til fail

15:51 E new low on close i hope $ES_F

15:55 E day traders advised cover at db $ES_F time and price agree

15:07 E magnet 99 / advised any eod buyers be done by 98.5 #EMWS $ES_F time and price powerful

10 min a beauty all day long  “with profits to risk 89 support for eod buy”

Boyz defend last year’s high.. but still nowhere for the year $ES_F