30 Globex Premarket

News Trading 95.75 Test

Knife searching for support

5 Globex structure bouncing into retest

15 Globex

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Wt 1 is 12.25 next resistance target. 83.5 identified as support test held $ES_F pay attention to support in uptrend ow.ly/cgOe300SEdb

PFS by 94.25 support if short $ES_F

30 globex updated ow.ly/8IJb300SLh8 $ES_F

Cover all but trailer by 91.75 if short $ES_F

May 30 post I suggested 2105 to 2112 as next resistance zone ow.ly/usaB300SPto $ES_F keeping it there for now #EMWS $ES_F

Club 5000 #EMWS this chart should now be easier to relate with if you watched the 456 video ow.ly/ZW7e300ST1Y $ES_F

half gap 2100.25 to 02 agg resistance on first bounce $ES_F

94.75 is angel test $ES_F

stops down into 88/ 87.5 if short $ES_F 86.75 yest low a key

83.75 is T1 today, important support level $ES_F

Time and Price say get paid if short $ES_F best day shorts have had in long time #EMWS

@AnthonyCrudele nice target Deli $ES_F day in day out solid info, never chest pumps #FF pro

shortened week but extremely narrow range, news, suggested caution $ES_F 98 LWH still a key today, still first of month bias for longs #EMWS

@AnthonyCrudele thanks Anthony 🙂 hi and low for day may already be in

@MrTopStep #FF another great pro who tells it like it is

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire $ES_F thanks Renato and Back at you my friend #FF

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@casper409 thanks Paolo and back at u #FF

Take chips off the table and go play #EMWS nice weekend to all

Navigator Special ow.ly/KAUI300TrGk if u want to #kiss and simplify your action triggers, this is it #paretoprinciple #EMWS $ES_F

Went to visit RJ the last few hours and tried to help him with his trading ow.ly/gV4w300TXTo 🙂 #EMWS $ES_F review for you RJ

@canuk1 PFS by half gap/02 $ES_F thanks Tom $ES_F

@MrTopStep 2nd mouse got the cheese day after the DB $ES_F yes simple but not easy

RT @krazytoo: @krazytoo #ES_F Hypo 1 could not of played out any more perfectly. Homework and planning is a must as traders #FF

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