2035 to 2037.75 support premarket

Lucky me

15 Globex EOM squeeze

Retest 68 72 zone next

15 Globex EOD ATBL (above the blue line)


@options911 thanks and back at u Michael 🙂

looks like 48/51 as next major key in the slingshot move. 9 lives on this cat $ES_F

late day support 2018.75 intact , MATD players made out well ow.ly/W4mo301KFxz agg support now 27.75 $ES_F

reminder 2037.75 TYO #EMWS magnet is 35.25 premarket if short and get there PFS $ES_F my best trade ever here ow.ly/g0LA301KGU2

@dizz1e thank you

@WatermanLXXIII thank you very much

@ciscohitt thank you cisco

@LongTplexTrader 🙂 thank you

2048.25 is a 40% fibo extension using that to 51 as target zone for longs, cheese above $ES_F dont stops up if long

@gubbmintcheese thank you very much gubb

RT @eminiwizard: looks like 48/51 as next major key in the slingshot move. 9 lives on this cat $ES_F

news at 10 and 10 30 today, working around it makes sense if conservative $ES_F hit and run

pfs by 2050.75 if long

using 59.5 as next resistance target for longs ahead of 65 $ES_F 456 trade playing out lock profits by 57.5 if long #EMWS

T1 today 53.5 hit ow.ly/Xrxk301LiWX 15 Globex support at 2038 now move trailing stops up to 2051 $ES_F play well, honor stops

63.75 Is T2 but the Boyz want 65+ #EMWS

day traders stops up to 56, PFS by 62.5 #EMWS risk reward time now

V bounce 67.75 to 72 next test ow.ly/9KTt301M2jD $ES_F freight train

456 trade completes at 2067.75 #EMWS Fast down fast up re auctioning news event

@ColdeyesHotfire we need a big boy on our side. not one shred of evidence big boy wants short right now $ES_F

from 6 days ago RT @e : bulls need to try and hold 2080, lis 2085// next targets for retesting in bull s* bounce $ES_F

@ColdeyesHotfire this market will kill undisciplined traders. we will re-auction this range again $ES_F 2051 , 2058 support until broken

@ColdeyesHotfire 15 globex is base chart ow.ly/oKzw301M88j above blue trend line bullish go with flow til stopped out $ES_F

@ColdeyesHotfire simplest idea is do the opposite of what you are doing now #kiss

@ColdeyesHotfire yes, agreed. Resolve that you need more experience, and understand this is an unusual market right now. Hard for all of us

Thanks to all who posted on my stream today, very much appreciated. Magnet is 65.5 , stay aware of yesterday’s RTH high 67.25 for direction