@tomandprisha just turned twitter on to see the entertainment. Happy to go home flat and in fetal position for these occasions #EMWS $ES_F

@tomandprisha Our m.o has been and will continue to be flat at the close. We have warned for months that over night longs are at risk #EMWS

@tomandprisha your prior monthly low 61 is gone and now testing year’s open at 55. Year middle 52 #EMWS $ES_F 60 back is 30 you mentioned

Team E WT 4 is 50.5 as another marker in addition to those mentioned FYI $ES_F #EMWS

We either have a system in place to reference or we dont  52 important support for now #EMWS $ES_F 75 key resistance

subtract current low from the 96 close we get 75 as middle of this swing. I like math as it helps me see relationships #EMWS $ES_F #kiss

@sewerpimp agree 62 to 64.5 should be next key for now $ES_F thanks for input

Flat and not playing. Dinner almost ready. $ES_F Have fun. 61 is retest of prior month low

smart shorts who were in position captured the gift… now the fun begins $ES_F

@jwsuga go back the green egg and come back a bit later 🙂

@tomandprisha yes I keep teasing my sister about that. I tell her you are never too short as long as your feet touch the ground. $ES_F

Looks like the 10 min chart  #EMWS $ES_F

30 min #EMWS TMM chart on it  $ES_F a and d  $ES_F

@jwsuga to answer your text message, It all started here  #kiss

8:43 E need 82 first 8:53 E bias:support temporarily found, bouncing to test resistance 9:41 E use 82 to 85 as resistance for IB $ES_F

08:38 Emini Wizard so agg support 62.5 $ES_F 8:38 E squeeze pivot 68.75

@AnthonyCrudele go work on your iron game and your putting…

10:06 E shorts takes shots 82/85 / trail past 68.75 11:38 E big boyz will look at 62/65 #EMWS $ES_F

Advised shorts capture 64.5 U want more have trailer / re enter $ES_F 12:58 E: bingooooooooo 64 test $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele stop fishing spend more time on the course.. lol Be well

61.75 support pivot to 59.5 angel now big key $ES_F /wife being unreasonable wants to go to lunch. 🙂 yeehas 62/65

RT @eminiwizard: Team E WT 4 is 50.5 as another marker in addition to those mentioned FYI $ES_F #EMWS // testing $ES_F

looking for next support target 44.5 in any day low #EMWS $ES_F

46 is 50 points off friday close … “a sea of Red ” #EMWS $ES_F

RT @tomandprisha: @eminiwizard Do you know anyone short ? / “anyone who wanted to hit the bounce 82 to 85” $ES_F

@sewerpimp beautiful… thank you. by the numbers we felt if 62 went, then overnight low to 50.5 could be challenged

globex 10 and 120  we dont fight the waterfall $ES_F Umbrella trade  #EMWS

@mctweet770 Thanks Big Mike. Hope you are hitting them straight… #EMWS $ES_F multi chart

15:50 E use 45 stop for buy retest 54/55 $ES_F used the support target for EOD contra idea 16:02 E this is your 50 points zeek great call

@mctweet770 lol few are both. So true. Bring your A game for the scramble