60 Minute chart PFS by 1982.5 if short

Gap Chart

Armstrong on #Brexit

@1Mangat @davidwazz @Jediphone @bullbear365 @IntrepidTrading @BidnAsk @chriskahn a big thank you to all

T @Whatleydude: this 3min history lesson from #AndrewMarr, explains exactly WHY #Brexit happened: insightful

@davidwazz thanks for sharing that #Brexit video $ES_F Using 2032 as resistance pivot, friday’s low as support until broken

Hit bounces, go with trend. Accept stop outs, try again after sharp rallies stall in MATD $ES_F

If short PFS by 2004.25, trail below $ES_F

If short PFS 1982.5, stops down to 1988 $ES_F

Rule #3 Find the Chart in Play and take the trend trade ow.ly/dzyO301G7gk 60 min Globex $ES_F #4 Get paid for sure for taking risk

#Brexit Day 2 Gap chart ow.ly/xEJH301G9wn #EMWS MATD traders taking re entries accept stop outs and try again #umbrellatrade $ES_F

@1Mangat 1 Decide if you have an edge to take a trade (risk and reward); 2 Be disciplined if in a trade, accept your pre-defined stop loss

Using 1996.75 to 98.75 as resistance behind 1992 (very aggressive zone) $ES_F

If re entry short PFS by today’s angel, 1987 $ES_F

Time and price trade… paid by double bottom / 85 if took the re entry trade and good fortune below $ES_F

RT @FuturesTrader71: VIDEO 2 of edu series Mindset Pitfall & Fixes #ES_F #Trading futurestrader71.com/webinar-your-t…

RT @StockTwits: S&P 500 trading in same range for almost 3 YEARS now. This chart shows it: stocktwits.com/HCPG/message/5… $SPY $VIX / LYM 1982.5

Armstrong on #Brexit ow.ly/JoX4301GR25 $ES_F doubles come first

RT @eminiwizard: If re entry short PFS by today’s angel, 1987 $ES_F / same as before if took last EOD trade short as day trader