30 Globex

30 Globex hitting R2

30 Globex

Slow dancin’————

@chriskahn @Jediphone @pipsnticks @scor_zone @pipsnticks @ciscohitt thanks to all, much appreciated $ES_F


30 Globex ow.ly/5Imv301w4gM Launch and fizzle #EMWS grab a few, go play $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: overnight demon is 84.75 trail only above $ES_F 88 as potential next resistance target (yesterday) /testing 88 PFS if long side

T1 is 2089 today. using 89 to 93 (T2) as profit taking zone if long $ES_F

PFS at 84 retest if shorted with a contra $ES_F

Premise has been hit and run ahead of major news ow.ly/ydK2301wK5i $ES_F

@scor_zone I believe there is a time and price rhythm to the market that can be exploited when we ignore news and trade like an algo $ES_F

$ES_F This mornings premarket trade plan video $ES_F krazytoo

81.5 is half gap and gap also possible $ES_F

Bingo trailers for juice $ES_F get paid dont squander profits #EMWS 78.5 todays angel

Be flexible as a trader, especially ahead of news events $ES_F

@chriskahn agreed Chris $ES_F Just the flow of a river ow.ly/8x5I301wRoK #EMWS 30 globex pattern ow.ly/PNs7301wRNS

looks like 75 still the key player $ES_F

#CL_F 48.35 is last support for tday; bulls need to hold this or selling escalates; looking for longs in this area

magnet is 2082.5 PFS if have the contra. Boyz broke both ends of overnight range. High and low for day may be in $ES_F

Middle traders who played the contra Good fortune below 78.5 $ES_F #kiss trailers and PFS on any new low near 75/74