Premarket Bull/bear line

premarket 15 min Globex

30 min Globex

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Time to re evaluate priorities for the week. 92 /95 next resistance targets if playing the carnival shell game $ES_F

#EMWS using 81.5 as aggressive support, PFS by 82 if short $ES_F 88 is the .61 fibo

if long trail above 89.5 $ES_F

The right stuff 15 globex the chart in play $ES_F stops up if long for 92/95 test #kiss

same as before: “if short, paid by 82, 81.5 as aggressive support” $ES_F limited opportunity with stolen range #EMWS

The Emini wizard system teaches “rotation in time and price” #EMWS $ES_F 30 min Globex

using 75.5 as normal support, PFS by 75.5 if short nice back and fill #EMWS

bingo 75.5 #EMWS Today’s angel is 74.5 $ES_F get to test 72 lights out

60 back is 2071.25 amazing game the Boyz played today $ES_F

@TradingSimon and now the Boyz have shown again why this has just become a carnival shell game. PFS by 82 if bought the close