The Pipe

10 Globex

10 RTH Support, Yesterday’s Angel 86.75

30 Minute OEX

10 RTH Updated
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The Pipe relative strength in the 456 trade $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: $ES_F 1st support = 2091.25 Room open to public today 9:15 am go visit

@TheFibDoctor back at u Doc

Primary Magnet (PM) is 92.5, PFS if short $ES_F accumulate seed capital premarket

Stops down $ES_F time and price at the double if u have it #EMWS

Stop run may be coming $ES_F

10 RTH yesterday’s Angel test is 86.75 $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: Primary Magnet (PM) is 92.5 PFS if short $ES_F accumulate seed capital premarket /if long PFS 92.5 to 94.5 trail only above

“When we accept that we will not get every point out of every swing, life as a trader gets easier”. (Not easy). #EMWS catch pieces

OEX be consistent in tools used to analyze markets #EMWS

RT @AnthonyCrudele: @spz_trader @sellputs It was great having you both on #FuturesRadio … #oil #ES_F / listened at lunch great stuff guys

PFS by 2101.25 if long trailers only above $ES_F #EMWS

risk reward time #EMWS T1 2101.75 and T2 2105.25 stops up longs $ES_F 95 as aggressive support for the close

Using 2105.75 as resistance target for the close $ES_F

First of month bias continues today $ES_F After the shake we baked all day long, no evidence of a Big Boyz rotation short #EMWS

10 RTH updated $ES_F got above PP and squeezed #EMWS