inmates still running the asylum  $ES_F levels

scene of the crime 84 revisited  long legged angel a knockout at 15 points $ES_F night moves

08:23 E i have 02/05 as targets 08:24 E 2108 $ES_F 10:01 E 09 target

10:05 E i think need time to cool off we talked the other day late about that 13 11:04 E goal for boyz is take out the 13.25 high $ES_F

11:08 E 16 is t2 when market acting like idiot dont argue 11:12 E rdd no shorts until u feel ike lighting a cigar with 50 dollar bills $ES_F

11:15 E 17 gap on the radar $ES_F trend trade or sideline advised

@sewerpimp parabolic runs ruin accounts if we are undisciplined $ES_F guessers wrong 5 x and feed it #EMWS best to u pimp

11:35 E lunch contra best time for shorts 07 agg support 11:36 E yest range +78.6 = 14.5 and 100% = 18.75 so 18 resistance

100 points up from yest lunch time low on NQ, so have advised longs to now lock profits for sure #EMWS $ES_F

1 point risk reward at 15 for the t2 2116 target 11:08 E 16 is t2  $ES_F

Measured move 18.75 hit 11:37 E so 18.75 resistance $ES_F when momo day starts can only guess next resistance target

Parabolic runs tough until hindsight  Knowing where potential next targets may be is helpful #EMWS $ES_F out liar day

longs with profits have right to try scalp short from 18.75 target hit, lunch contra best time $ES_F

stopped clock trade works short side for the test of the 12 shelf PFS shorts $ES_F

@MarkKhan7 paid for sure. trail only beyond $ES_F

13:19 Emini Wizard 11.25 magnet hit $ES_F time and price agreed for lunch contra

IB high retest 9.5 $ES_F

@MarkKhan7 when trend day gets momentum timing is everything. nearer to extended targets time and price makes it a tad easier guessing edge

we were at 82 this morning and you wanted how much more above the 18.75 target? $ES_F tough business for greedy

14:03 E buy pb we said drop fast if doesnt work. the 10 zone makes sense for scalp with trend $ES_F 14:38 E thats why target 14.5 or so

14:12 Emini Wizard 15.25 demon 14:00 E and 15/17 as agg resist $ES_F

@RealBrianWatt cow jumped over the moon a long time ago lol thank you $ES_F