shorts advised cover trailers into 84 / 83.75 more is gravy. stolen range plays out  08:13 E 82/85 support zone

09:35 E paid into 95.5 if played residual momo MATD 09:43 E so short zone agg is 94/96 based on overnight high holding #EMWS $ES_F

09:39 Emini Wizard i expect to fill gap today meaning the 89 $ES_F 9:45 E stupid bots chasing, dont chase today $ES_F

trailers into 79.5 $ES_F 80.5 squeeze pivot

since there may be news coming out soon… we thought last to leave party short will pay up a bit 🙂 $ES_F common sense #kiss

8:09 E 95.5 demon 14:04 E yeehaa by 92 14:10:41] Emini Wizard 84.5 soc needs retesting 14:20 E cover into 86/85 trail $ES_F

12:51 Emini Wizard 79.5 is twm target // know where logical support is 🙂 $ES_F #EMWS

09:21 E 99/02 are targets today / long way home trade stops up if long 09:30 E both ends go today meaning overnight high and low $ES_F

risk reward now a factor for that gap at 2101.5 paid for sure if long 98.5 $ES_F

capture the meat of the move and let the dart throwers have at it. check to see if they saw 79.5 support ahead of the news $ES_F

giving back 7 points to get your 02 target? $ES_F shorts paid into 92 mid swing. risk and reward must be considered, not just hvn etc

shake and bake and FED UP no mystery. read the criminal handbook $ES_F