72.25 magnet also worked to contain the drift lower.. nice game the boyz played today $ES_F

Recency bias : where do you yell and holler the most as a bull or a bear?  $ES_F

8:32 E: expecting a bounce today; what could possibly make me like the long side?10:00 E think defensively in the big 82/88 zone long $ES_F

10:13 E bingo 10:15 E thats a megaphone 73.75 hit 10:25 E rth trying to establish strength 11:13 E 76.5 agg support

08:17 E think casino check for your wallet every 10 mins or so #EMWS 12:05 E t2 89.5 $ES_F 12:10 E the 88.75 LYH looms large

12:05 E any day high available including that 90.75 // $ES_F our next key resistance above 88

tampa bay cheering with power play… “oops”. Now recency bias all longs pretending they are hawks and cheerleading #EMWS

10:06 E targets 90.75 i think that is the long shot $ES_F 10:07 E 73.25 as middle #EMWS 12:05 Emini Wizard t2 89.5

just a simple set of rules and a bit of common sense  $ES_F

9:33 Emini Wizard 72 a key $EMWS $ES_F