#EMWS SOC the resistance for now $ES_F MATD traders monitor trailers support at 2411

#EMWS 15 Globex chart $ES_F a few spaghetti charts are helpful in a trend move $ES_F note descending triangle

RT #AnthonyCrudele A must read this morning for #ES_F & $SPY traders #Fed @Kevinmuir REJOINING THE DARK SIDE $Macro

#EMWS had longs PFS by 2423.25 on the open swing $ES_F

#EMWS DT 4$ had 25 to 28 as resistance first time back $ES_F re entries paid by DB more is good fortune

double bottom with overnight low/ Monday’s low

27.5 is half gap and #EMWS said get paid 2425 to 2428 as first important resistance $ES_F don’t be stubborn shorts

#EMWS Two way day we thought because Options expiration $ES_F

#EMWS 15 Globex with too much information $ES_F if shorted paid by ? DT4$ keep it simple

#EMWS system members can contact if you would like to audit DT4$

#EMWS posted premarket for DT4$ Edge to shorts for small probes south, but careful of getting caught in a reversal after a few minor swings

#EMWS “Market loves to slingshot back after catching late shorts” . It’s not just about the numbers, it’s psychology too $ES_F

#EMWS wac a mole indeed $ES_F

#EMWS Odds changed, didn’t they? $ES_F consider risk and reward ladies and gentlemen. Time and Price are important when they align

9:15 for DT4$ …often we have to stand aside or take trades OPPOSITE to what we want. (Assuming we slept through the overnight move) #kiss

#EMWS 1:35 DT4$ “…paid by the 30/32 as I believe first time back will try to stall, then maybe another assault later” $ES_F educated guess

#EMWS DT4$ private video is now ready and archived for study. $ES_F

Thank You

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