15 Globex Squeeze pivot

5 Min Rain line resistance

10 Globex angel test at 61

30 Globex Rain line stalled it


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@BINGBINGFORTUNE @shemesht thanks all, much appreciated

today has a busy calendar ow.ly/Hk5B301hpdH newbies should add golf to your schedule for the afternoon $ES_F

@TRADEnPERFORM 🙂 Thanks Simon

Angels and demons set up ow.ly/hleK301hwFY $ES_F

If long PFS by 75.25 to 76.5 agg resistance ahead of 81 $ES_F from yesterday: “shorts risky we need profit taking by shorts ahead of news”

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #ES_F 2073.50 hourly close above it indicates test of 2082; below it we look for retest 2064.50

@investasy step by step for your 50 back swing target $ES_F

@investasy long side stop was 66 squeeze pivot, play that out first, then see. Buy into your resistance target, waiting to enter is losing

@investasy so if played long side IB for 75/76 test PFS. Then can go sidelines protect early profits, trail, or reverse $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: @investasy agree, that 75 needs to hold or 78.5 to 79.25 can be tested $ES_F / just working off yesterdays ideas

Rain line test usually good idea to respect first time back #EMWS ow.ly/8Cws301hOI6 $ES_F

@investasy a day like today get on scoreboard then relax. save some powder longs will also want to capture some profits from bounce b4 news

back later dont over think or overtrade ahead of FOMC