Premarket Levels and potential targets

30 Globex with perfect rejection level

5 RTH Umbrella Trade

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september basis 5/24 63.75 gap being closed $ES_F Position and swing traders stops down now to 68.5 Protect profits

RT @TheFibDoctor: $ES_F Daily chart. New target hit at 2061.25 / nice using sept w .61 ext at 60.25 #EMWS

58.25 next Support target, if re entered PFS by 62.5 #EMWS 2 way day one step at a time $ES_F

PFS by 67.5 if long $ES_F

Reminder watching Yesterday’s Low 68.75 for clues today $ES_F magnet is 67.75 #EMWS

Trailers Paid by 70.25 to 71, more is good fortune $ES_F two way day expected

@investasy agree, that 75 needs to hold or 78.5 to 79.25 can be tested $ES_F

Big Boyz liked the odds ahead of news to cover. Why I suggested position/ swings PFS by 62.5 to lock profits. Can always re enter $ES_F

if short PFS by 66.5 to 63.75 and be happy $ES_F

@investasy multi year analysis 58.25 comes first before 53 zone $ES_F

Angel test is 2061.25 $ES_F

This view helped see resistance this morning $ES_F #EMWS

T1 today is 2054.5 $ES_F stops down below 58.25 #EMWS

This chart posted earlier, target is the middle of breakout bar as identified near the blue arrow below 58.25 $ES_F

@investasy my work suggests 78.6 % level is 52.75 to 55 $ES_F

if short make sure paid by 54.5 T1 nice target mid 50’s $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele Thank you Deli 🙂 much appreciated

58.75 is Angel and PFS by 58.75/ 58.25 if took ID fib re entry from 456 bounce $ES_F

5 RTH $ES_F nice umbrella pattern trade #EMWS

low and high probably in for the day and shorts risky now $ES_F PFS by 63.75/ 65.5 if long #EMWS dfd here

Shorts with profits can try 68/72 as resistance #EMWS $ES_F need some profit taking ahead of news tomorrow