30 Globex

60 Globex

15 Globex September

10 Globex September

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keep it simple ow.ly/bSzV301cSBN $ES_F

paid by 79.5 to 78 if u took the MATD short and the rest is good fortune #EMWS $ES_F

Shorts need to get by 74/72 next support test $ES_F PFS by 75.5 Sept contract #EMWS

15 Globex ow.ly/U0HF301d5uY 60 Globex Sept ow.ly/EHgT301d5BK Lunchtime $ES_F using 84.75 resistance #EMWS

@investasy thank you. I start with the daily/ weekly etc and drill back to intraday $ES_F

2nd entries trailing below 78 any new add ons must stand on their own $ES_F target 72/74 test still hoped for

72 is T1 today, nice follow through target from Friday if we get there is 73.5/ 72 #EMWS longest yards always tough

@MrTopStep middle held on contra bounce, now below 79.5 again in reversal testing support $ES_F may be profit taking ahead of news events

Tight stop if take one more short this afternoon , still using 72 as support target $ES_F risk reward the problem for shorts

will look for evidence of tick divergence on any new lows $ES_F

interesting how Boyz broke both ends of overnight range but never really went anywhere $ES_F consolidation mainly today

dont give back 6 to make 2 $ES_F hit and run likely better into the close

@jdextras agree. 18 day low ES u is undercut low back at 2012.75 with two island gaps between $ES_F 1st of mo bias gone, op ex brexit etc

Pick up some profits by 73.5 and put it in your pocket if played short $ES_F 1 hr to go may need one more contra by EOD

Bingo T1 72 support target and stops down for gravy $ES_F methodical swing #EMWS

@AnthonyCrudele great flexibility in thinking. Thinking paid for sure by 72 to your 2069 potential target $ES_F thanks for all u do

67 is T2 today, will use that as next support level for now $ES_F

Day Traders stick to your game #EMWS ow.ly/z7le301dFSh $ES_F

rippin T2 2067 hit after hours $ES_F PFS trend day took hold this afternoon day 2 selloff #EMWS

Shorts are finally getting some well deserved vengeance $ES_F ow.ly/bfFQ301dVq8 #EMWS 68 zone is a retest