June Breakdown

2100 test

60 Rain line test

June premarket gaps

Rollover 2080 test


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RT @eminiwizard: 17.25 aggressive resistance for profit taking $ES_F June / 30 June ow.ly/TPnR3017Dcp $ES_F 98 agg support, then 92

60 min june getting its turn ow.ly/7XRe3017LOv yest (gasp) hit a bounce $ES_F 06 finally broke, try 11 resistance #EMWS

PFS by 98/ 97.5 if short good fortune below $ES_F

Sticking with June reference today for context of the recent move $ES_F will start Monday Sept #EMWS easier for newbies to see the picture

“The bull climbs the stairs and the bear jumps out the window” 15 RTH June recent gap chart ow.ly/w31F3017Qln $ES_F

2018 to 2022 resistance zone intact for now, BOM bias waning $ES_F Likely 2 way day #EMWS

Bears gotta love this 98/97.5 test , should be giddy soon $ES_F trailers only if short and accept stops, try one more time

half gap june is 2106.5 so using that 2107 zone as bears need to hold resistance PFS by 2.25 to 4.5 ID pipe $ES_F m

@MrTopStep smart #FF Be a mercenary every day $ES_F accumulate knowledge and capital

@ManOverMarket #FF smart and savvy #EMWS using 96 target as the 60 back June reference below that 50 fib $ES_F m

RT @SJD10304: Coming into today #SPX weekly high-low range under 1% for 2nd straight week. hasn’t happened since 02/1995. Thank you Friday

If short, PFS same as before, 98/ 97.5 and 92 still support until broken $ES_F m june contract

@Chub519 testing 94/93.75 if lucky June contract $ES_F

Algos have been like a swiss watch lately, very precise $ES_F any re entries/ add ons must stand on their own

RT @e sticking with June reference today for context of recent move $ES_F will start Monday Sept #EMWS easier for newbies to see the picture

@Chub519 Sept contract would be hoping for 85 to 83.25 tests, 82 as support until broken $ES_F

If had a good morning and second entry, lock profits. Git ‘er done position squaring this afternoon #EMWS below 98 / 97 good fortune

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire /as always, much appreciated and back at you Renato #FF

June $ES_F m ow.ly/fiwP3018FBc 90.25 is today’s T1, 82.25 T2 Capture all by 87.5 suggested if day trader #EMWS

RT @RenaTrader: Challenge #8 update:

2nd target met at US$ 15,000 – I’ll post on the blog tomorrow.

Next target: US$ 20k


2080 test is perfect, done on a roll contract to september #EMWS $ES_F

imho this is a passing of the guards on rollover ow.ly/2RB23018Q0R #EMWS $ES_F m Big Picture June to September #Boyz systems

@RenaTrader thank you : )

PFS by 97.25 to 98 if long 🙂 $ES_F

RT @investasy: @eminiwizard 2122.25 should be a nice wall / indeed it was, kudos $ES_F risk and reward finally caught up with the longs

@PivotBoss: #FF @MrTopStep @FuturesTrader71 @verniman @RenaTrader @e @tomandprisha @marketminute @SunriseTrader @Chicagostock thank you

@PivotBoss back at you Frank, great weekend to you #FF

@HRobH: #FF @twitJRA fantastic set of skills ARJ! So helpful to someone trying to learn the craft! #FF @ciscohitt & @eminiwizard thank you

RT @AnthonyCrudele: NEW POST: #gold Dollar opposite correlation breaking down & why look at correlation breakdowns beacontrader.com/charts/how-to-…

RT @vader7x: algo system since live. self learning / awesome