Swing levels pre market

96 Aggressive resistance


@lehmanterms @shemesht @Jediphone @AnthonyCrudele @investasy @im_an_african @BrentRShelton @pipsnticks @PatrickGrattan @bare_breana Thanks to all


overnight demon is 98.5 PFS if got it $ES_F trailers only above 98.5

Primary Trade (Morning) is done I believe $ES_F relax

Objective criteria 96 is top of the Pipe for those who watched the video ow.ly/phT0300O7Vz #EMWS $ES_F good place to scale out long

@AnthonyCrudele i have 96 as first key in a long side rotation $ES_F

late to the party longs cant jump up and down either $ES_F

with beginning of month bias, hard to see a plunge $ES_F need more time

if u bought 83.5 support, PFS by gap 94.75/ 95 $ES_F #EMWS

will work around news at 10 $ES_F

RT @marketwizardz: 2nd free video just went out to all those in E’s Club 5000 who sent admin names / email ow.ly/GNA9300wAqD #EMWS

RT @e: 98 as guide ow.ly/JThq300LK1K $ES_F 30 min Globex ow.ly/7etk300LKs6 #EMWS 83.5 as support for now / testing 83.5

@MrTopStep nope, but have some work to do backing and filling ow.ly/rJ0m300Ntzn $ES_F