15:16 Emini Wizard stop 12 for hopefully one last swing test 6 #EMWS $ES_F timing stop coming up for short

8:17 E 2 way day edge to longs since beginning of month 8:23 E thats why 18 as agg resistance #EMWS $ES_F 11:59 E 05 is angel pfs if short

10:20 E time and price say yeehaa if short 13:47 E 9.75 support 14:01 E I think we take out high for the 18 test #EMWS $ES_F

10:42 E megaphone make sure paid by db #EMWS 10:52 E not a lot of staying power under 04 $ES_F 8:24 Zeek411 must be a bot dominant day

@TRADEnPERFORM back at you T n P  guessed right on megaphone pattern $ES_F #EMWS you have been MIA?

should cover into 11.5 / 12 if shorted . needed contra by eod.  9.75 squeeze pivot #EMWS $ES_F more is good fortune

beautiful megaphone day 15:00 Emini Wizard this is a type day that u never know whether coming or going #EMWS $ES_F mid 10.5 hit