levels  #EMWS  60 globex  $ES_F good morning

@SE1_Trading Thanks Malte and back at you #FF Have a great day

@RenaTrader @ BamaTrader thanks and back at you ! Be well #FF

08:19 Emini Wizard do not rule out attempt at 02 #EMWS $ES_F 05 stops for profit taking swing

advised longs close trailers 05 #EMWS $ES_F

not very good in math but i think that’s a 50 point swing in two days. #EMWS $ES_F

Before  and after  understanding potential target zones gives an edge #EMWS $ES_F

09:57 Emini Wizard gotta love the giddy longs wont buy 57 but love buying 07 #EMWS $ES_F

@spz_trader lol you’re only as good as your last call kid. #EMWS

Hit and run if playing. ow.ly/MHiBq #EMWS $ES_F sucker punches need time to cool off

symmetry target should be another tic higher Boyz losing their touch #EMWS $ES_F. relax and smoke cigars

@casper409 its a casino 30 + on gaps last 2 days. trade only with money we can afford to lose. #EMWS $ES_F +1535 tics avoid trouble

reminded Team E never make it about any one day  our logical targets achieved, No safe short 14 stops for short $ES_F

RTH angel 6.25 support until broken… and squeezes feed off guessers in rabid snail day #EMWS $ES_F

$ES_F tunnel   09:52 E squeeze is for sucking eyeballs out of shorts   nq target line  #EMWS

14 stoppers cover into 09.25 #EMWS $ES_F trail below / stops down Hit and run advised in lunch contra

@WSJ make more than you spend, keep some of what u make, give a little to someone who needs it #WSJpersfinance

RTH middle 08 so think small. 90/10 rule today. Best trades done premarket #EMWS $ES_F

@ciscohitt thanks cisco. Hard day if didnt align with breakout after first small rotation. Easier for bots to buy high sell higher #EMWS

@ciscohitt 9:17 E only edge for shorts is some longs wanting profit taking by eod #EMWS $ES_F git er done day

@ciscohitt Mother’s Day gift for u  🙂 $ES_F #EMWS

@ciscohitt lol 🙂

@ManOverMarket thanks for all your great posts. shorts on the hook into the close $ES_F


EOD Bonus charts

Tunnel Vision

Island Gap

NQ channel

$ES_F levels

Angels and demons five globex

Angels and Demons five RTH