Still probing for support  #EMWS $ES_F

@ciscohitt good morning wt 1 is 57.75 Boyz will try to protect 55  bigger picture

Step by step  #EMWS   yest notes  $ES_F zeek knows  gap chart

Tunnels 66.25 magnet for now #EMWS $ES_F

i was thinking trailers past 66 and 72 better get paid for sure #EMWS 55 defended $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: @ciscohitt good morning wt 1 is 57.75 Boyz will try to protect 55  bigger picture $ES_F

strong bounces out of nowhere?  #kiss

08:24 Emini Wizard use 78 stop ahead of news #EMWS $ES_F

08:57 Emini Wizard paid by 68 for sure gap trade available #EMWS $ES_F

RT @AnthonyCrudele: Yesterday when Yellens comments came out we were trading around 2078-2074>>Were right back testing this area $ES_F

77.5 yesterday’s middle. Using 82 stop for shorts has been premise in wac a mole range. hitting bounces for what we can get day #EMWS $ES_F

invisible hand been trying to hold the 68 so range trade all we know #EMWS $ES_F reduced expectations get paid by 71

@MockTrade accumulating shorts 68/72 likely #EMWS $ES_F

taylor buy day from 55 support 40% swing already  $ES_F 08:13 E market can even test 82/85

trailers only into 85 advised for our longs #EMWS $ES_F

@ManOverMarket that’s T1 today and using as resist for now #EMWS $ES_F

5 rth rain line hit  squeeze day  $ES_F 9:29: E; slingshot possible today long side

30 point days becoming the norm? Poetry in motion at 86/87  reminder 88.75 u know what $ES_F

08:12 Emini Wizard no safe short today / once momo starts, we need lucky guess #EMWS $ES_F longs make sure paid at t1 87.75

Can you teach simplicity?  Understanding market structure allows you to see patterns ahead of the herd #EMWS $ES_F

@illusivenick thanks nick. better odds use 88 as resistance try scalp for 82/ 81 #EMWS $ES_F

too many trapped shorts for big plunge #EMWS $ES_F

squeeze Boyz had vice grip on shorts after IB breakout #EMWS $ES_F slingshot day