TYO Test premarket

30 Globex in control

30 Globex 2031.25 Big Dog Pivot

Big Picture completing Box 2

3 Box system clear

15 RTH

Angels and Demons

NQ 15 Globex re entry

5 RTH coming after the rain line

54 resistance

5 EOD squeeze


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5:06 a.m. Defense wins ball games ow.ly/4nug58 $ES_F

30 globex the dripper ow.ly/4nur5u $ES_F

Flat for news Know your reaction zones or stay flat #EMWS $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: $FF Must follows part 2: @ATMcharts @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital thank you Doc back at u #FF

Wt 1 is 33.75 below is 31.25/32 and 29.25 as support targets #EMWS

NEWS 30 Globex s1 target achieved ow.ly/4nuEMS PP 46.5 intact and agg resistance $ES_F

I am not smart enough to interpret the news in 5 seconds. React to zones $ES_F

4/12 low zone 32.5 being tested PAID for sure by 32/31.5 if short $ES_F

RT @e: 2037.75 first support. major Pivot #EMWS system is 2031.25 $ES_F Reminder ahead of time in the coming days / ow.ly/4nuGo7

@spz_trader nice analysis Pauly, #FF

@spz_trader thanks Pauly, just student of the game here. Well done !

RT @vader7x: 2026 last months low $ES_F must hold that or 19.25 low becomes next player SOC 36.25, and monitoring 37.75

buyers paid for sure by 36 to 38 $ES_F

44.75 is demon, and using 48.25 as resistance $ES_F PFS by gap if long

Gotta love the 2031.25 Pivot $ES_F

The Boyz make it look easy. Day low may be in already need two way trading , monitor 37.75 for guidance as bull/bear line $ES_F

@MrTopStep That was smart weekly shorts covering to collect profits is all we know right now $ES_F

Yesterday’s 39.5 is an important idea now, shorts need to penetrate it and keep it below or squeeze can continue $ES_F hit and run

if took re entry short with 48.25 resistance trail only below 40.5 $ES_F

day’s range is low to high, so shorts are now intraday contras until low gets broken $ES_F

@ManOverMarket then relax and go play golf, you’ve earned it

3 Box system ow.ly/4nuXA8 #EMWS members note cel

456 in play and Paid for sure 39/ 38 🙂 2 way battle $ES_F reminder soc 36.5 zone

late louies both sides got caught $ES_F

Its ok to leave chips on the table, impossible not to in an emotional day like this. Trade the range for now, protect profits if any $ES_F

15 min RTH ow.ly/4nvaFy it’s a beautiful thing #EMWS $ES_F

Angels and demons ow.ly/4nvbFO 33 angel 41.75 demon $ES_F

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / thanks Rena and back at you #FF

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@casper409 thanks and back at you Paolo #FF

NQ 15 Globex ow.ly/4nve8m #EMWS

taking a break, back later

pfs by double top, and maybe stop run before done. 2 points risk either end has played out well $ES_F position squaring this afternoon

RT @e… SOC 36.25, and monitoring 37.75 / squeeze pivot 37.5 in control for longs until broken $ES_F

Rain line coming into play by EOD ow.ly/4nvC43 $ES_F

@archi_trader longer term average, below good for shorts, above good for longs #EMWS context important with other lines as well

@archi_trader u bet Archi hope it helps. longs would love to break that first hr high and break stops thats their goal $ES_F

Pool party, in and out rest of day. sidelines / risk small if still playing for weekly squaring $ES_F 48/54 zone a key rest of day

PFS by 48.25 if Long $ES_F

Back for a minute, FLAT here ow.ly/4nvPPW $ES_F 54 zone may start to contain this bounce nothing to prove, lock profits if any