5 Globex Overnight

30 Globex Overnight Breakdown

120 Chart Next Box

NQ 120

Diagonal target line

5 Globex The Umbrella Trade

I Love a Rainy Night


Bigger Picture

30 Globex EOD


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5/03 11:18 p.m. E: 30 Globex ow.ly/4noCFB $ES_F

3:36 a.m. E: 5 Globex ow.ly/4noYb0 $ES_F via E Robot (Not really)

5:16 a.m. E: should break 47 ow.ly/4np9bb 42 support test hoped for $ES_F

5:26 a.m. E: PFS if short by 47 double territory ow.ly/4np9Ti $ES_F

5:37 a.m. E: @stocktrader0610 Boyz are slippery, just wanted everyone to be sleeping before testing it $ES_F

5:41 E: NQ 120 ow.ly/4npbKy #EMWS

No stop goes untouched as @MrTopStep likes to say $ES_F Bingo 42’s
@Marketrend Nice Carlos wtg

5:54 a.m. E: This is an umbrella trade, can get a snap back anytime. Tight stops ow.ly/4npdOY $ES_F TYO test is 2037.75 support til broken

back later

Night owls with re entries at retest 46/47 thinking small $ES_F flat for news

I love a Rainy Night ow.ly/4npvDF Eddie the Rabbitt $ES_F 5 Globex ow.ly/4npvSy

@stocktrader0610 I think we are testing TYO 37.75 zone as posted and need to assume Boyz will step to the plate and punch back $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 Using 48 to 52 as immediate resistance $ES_F

@spz_trader Thanks Pauly Cant be too aggressive today RTH. Assuming we can get a slingshot move for back and fill $ES_F
Shorts during IB are weak hands, drop losers fast $ES_F

@ManOverMarket longs will likely cover something here first time testing $ES_F

convenient trade IB was try for Half gap 50.75 $ES_F stolen range is the problem #EMWS always opportunity

@vader7x nice. 42 is overnight angel ow.ly/4npXjW $ES_F

RT @e: This is umbrella trade can get a snap back anytime. Tight stops ow.ly/4npdOY $ES_F TYO test is 2037.75 support til broken

2037.75 first support. A major Pivot in the #EMWS system is 2031.25 $ES_F Reminder ahead of time in the coming days T1 is 2031 today

Back later, Primary Trade is likely done

@krazytoo absolutely right “TYO” = This Year’s Open Thank you

Bigger Picture ow.ly/4nqnzn $ES_F

trail til stop fails, good fortune time $ES_F 8 hours to make a marginal new low PFS by 39

RT @e: Stay Humble. Market is deciding 58.25 Big Pivot $ES_F Take chunks out of the swings if we can #EMWS / PFS 39 cuz loved the symmetry

30 Globex was the ticket to ride ow.ly/4nqQzi $ES_F