Chilled today and kept most of the posts private.

I thought it best to allow a bit of momo to finish from MATD and Friday’s push, but assume that any new range above the overnight high was subject to backing and filling,

Primary target upside we thought was 10 to 12.5 to close the gap and hit a few completion targets.

We used 16 as aggressive resistance ahead of the highs and range day played out.

Target 14.25 was t1, and a measured move we had at 15.5. Risk reward came in for those wanting a few tics more.

The fibo pb was perfect at 6.5, and we thought a scalp long was the obvious rhythm for testing the demon at 13.

Thin volume made it awkward this afternoon. Note the gap on the 2 minute chart.


Undercut lows are powerful. Most traders only recognize them in hindsight  #EMWS $ES_F

shake and bake  #EMWS $ES_F NQ  multi chart pre market

Angels and Demons

EOD Levels