shorts failed to defend 10/12 yesterday, and failed today to bust it  #EMWS

angels and demons   #EMWS  levels   $ES_F

Jason only 3 tics off, not bad for a rookie. #EMWS $ES_F

11:07 Jason wouldn’t it be funny to test the 23 by end of today? egregious 11:07 E yes !! #EMWS teaching team E about criminal handbook

@ciscohitt very nice cisco $ES_F thank u

time stop out. keep profits advised for longs. #EMWS $ES_F

trailer time at 20  #EMWS $ES_F

shorts owned the morning, no will to take it lower  suggested longs cover 1/2 into 18.25 demon trail for gap. #EMWS

@RealBrianWatt 10:07 E hit one bounce using 19 resistance 10:47 E 19 resist #EMWS $ES_F

@RealBrianWatt how was the trip? 10:36 E 10 retest say yeehaa 10:42 E 61.8 targ 10 db 10 9 support #EMWS $ES_F

Levels  #EMWS $ES_F