11:45 Zeek411 if they want to make xxx , then 96 is symmetrical target … #EMWS $ES_F step by step kudos zeek

RT @tomandprisha: ttthedge.com the greatest short term market timer of all time just knocked another out of the park join me now

@tomandprisha tom is so modest and shy I thought I would help him promote his business

@tomandprisha lol Who knows? Not a contest. Platform to share ideas about our style and analysis. You are better than most $ES_F

In the pipe today and 02 failure opened the door to the gap zone. Risk reward and timing on cue for EOD bounce  $ES_F

Levels  #EMWS $ES_F

@krazytoo logical target retest yest RTH high, assumed support 2. 18.75 resist for shorts  anticipated slingshot day

Problem: One day wonders short side leave a lot of room for inside day games #EMWS  $ES_F

Be realistic  #EMWS $ES_F yesterday stole some of today’s range. #kiss

Now in the squeeze part of the reversal ow.ly/NvAQY trailers only for longs above 18.75 kings and queens day $ES_F #EMWS

so all you hotshot traders jumpin’ up and down about hitting “your” 21 high… where do we go from here? #EMWS $ES_F

@krazytoo @keefriffards @joshuademasi thanks to all you brave souls who put your thoughts on the line, much appreciated $ES_F

Boyz egregious yesterday, today is mirror day kings and queens  protect profit time (if any) #EMWS $ES_F

@illusivenick @ciscohitt once momo starts in the opposite direction like today, and no rotations, trailers are hailers #EMWS $ES_F

when shorts couldn’t bust 10, die was cast in my mind  $ES_F inside day plays out

13:47 E slingshot trades are impossible to predict where they end  #EMWS $ES_F

roflamao we felt same way but boyz know how to squeeze. thank u. I love interaction with different perspectives. 25.5 demon from yest $ES_F

needed eod $ taking, rarely closes on high or low of day. 25.5 stop a winner for eod  3 bars undoes 10 $ES_F

@RealBrianWatt @sewerpimp @keefriffards @illusivenick @ciscohitt @krazytoo @joshuademasi Traders not afraid to be wrong thank you all $ES_F

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F i real wish FED raise rates get a market correction and stop all the manipulation!!! / when hell freezes over

we are obsessed with objective ideas while chatting about the fundamental ones  #EMWS

Team E print it out for your journal: reversal rabid dog day  $ES_F