Overnight reversion to the 30 Globex slope line

5 Globex

5 Globex showing mini cup and handle with 84.25 Magnet as support

NQ 5 Globex

10 min Globex back up chart

10 Technical Rules
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@Jediphone must be fun to watch them standing around the oil can telling jokes

6:43 p.m. #EMWS swing traders long dont leave your account exposed overnight without a hedge or monitoring system $ES_F

3/25 8:33 p.m. E: #EMWS work off 84.25 as primary magnet tonight $ES_F

5 Globex for #EMWS ow.ly/XF37300BBRf hit and run

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F #MOM_F Bull Bear Zone 2084.00-2086.00 / mini pattern til broken ow.ly/ioc7300BJCd

get paid early today and lighten up as the long weekend approaches $ES_F

NQ 5 Globex ow.ly/Yz0Y300BQiO being consistent with analytical tools #EMWS

using 88.5 as half gap target thinking small same resistance targets as yesterday as first responders $ES_F

risk 2 make 2 type trading right now. pass if want better odds $ES_F accumulate a few points and spread out risk over time

if short PFS by gap, using 2096 is primary next resistance Target for longs before 2100+/-. wont overthink or overtrade $ES_F

@MikeDFontaine I think it needs to catch some shorts to squeeze higher Mike. Good time to take profits anyways if swing long $ES_F

weekly T2 is 93.25 , not yet achieved. Shake and bake may be today’s play $ES_F either way, thinking small

PFS by 84.25 magnet if short #EMWS

overnight angel is 84.5 $ES_F

I like the way 92 zone reacted, but shorts need to break 78 before jumping up and down $ES_F range trade for now

yesterday’s middle is 83 and intact so far $ES_F paying attention to support #EMWS

RT @SJosephBurns: 10 Great Technical Trading Rules newtraderu.com/2015/02/19/10-… / golden rules to live by

@vxx46 u bet. a day early, but those two @SJosephBurns and @TheFibDoctor post great content regularly #FF

lower highs and lows all morning, but still in range $ES_F ow.ly/Qvzi300Cohk lunch and relax