11:45 Zeek411 if they want to make xxx , then 96 is symmetrical target … #EMWS $ES_F step by step kudos zeek

RT @eminiwizard: @rafe_mo TS shows 94.5 to .75 …. for now doesnt seem like we get there until august  $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: Dreamers and schemers looking for 50 point lower targets: step by step Why 80 before 94.5 gap?  $ES_F

10:57 E so today is mirror day to 5/14 #EMWS 11:23 E 98 stop for buys if u try $ES_F

09:18 E so we need to remember that 22.75/23 as important, below it searching for support 10:17 E so 02 support target #EMWS $ES_F

level playing field  $ES_F  EURUSD #EMWS good morning