120 Chart Globex Premarket levels

15 Globex RTH

15 Globex updated


@scor_zone @DowdEdward @davidwazz @clayidus @Serious_Trader thanks to all


#EMWS , club 5000 pay attention to the next resistance zones I gave you last night ow.ly/IwRo300z7Kq $ES_F

RT @: aggressive support 2064.5 $ES_F shorting against strong trend works maybe 20% of the time. Not worth it usually need multiple entry

as per video agg support was 68, now move it up to 77.5 if position trader #EMWS dont get overconfident

#EMWS scalpers short paid for sure by 81 to 79.5 prior to the open $ES_F

Any MATD traders stops up into 87 and PFS using T1 91.5 as next resistance

fibo targets at 93.25 to 95.25, so conservative exit ahead of it/ trail up to u #EMWS dont give back 5 to make 2 $ES_F

15 Globex chart in play ow.ly/vfP4300zGpm #EMWS follow the rules and ideas given in last night’s email $ES_F

Contra traders PFS by 85.5 $ES_F hit and run

aggressive support/ trailers now up to 2085 $ES_F go play golf whenever you want #EMWS

same as b4 contras paid by 85/86 $ES_F

at this level it was all about risk, reward, and complacency $ES_F

@scor_zone my belief is it’s smart day swing traders capturing some profits $ES_F

15 globex updated ow.ly/gMY3300Aj4S $ES_F nice 2 day run #EMWS