Primary and good fortune targets  #EMWS $ES_F globex

Not yet but spitting distance $ES_F

low volume narrow range and git ‘er done day ahead of long weekend  $ES_F #EMWS

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NQ not yet  #EMWS

08:30 Emini Wizard test 23 poss #EMWS $ES_F

educated guessing alive and well #EMWS $ES_F

@traderoffortune thank u Simon. agg support we used for half gap #EMWS git er done summer friday $ES_F

9:31 Emini Wizard try hitting one bounce using the gap as resistance #EMWS $ES_F

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@rolcol325 thank u, very much appreciated $ES_F

long weekend, low volume, git ‘er done day and see what the Yellen and hollerin all about this afternoon. JV team on the field $ES_F

low volume party #EMWS $ES_F scalping day risk 2 make 2

RT @ManOverMarket: #ES_F Ok traders we are done for today have a great memorial day!! / great posts thank u #FF

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@spz_trader willing to share with those who want to see things a bit differently. No system perfect #FF and thank u

nimble or dont play today 26.25 scene of crime and leave it be advised Team E  #EMWS $ES_F

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@casper409 much appreciate it and thank u #FF great traders in that group, all different styles lets go join the boyz in the hamptons

13:44 Emini Wizard shorts can not allow it to get above 29 #EMWS $ES_F angel 24.75 and magnet ? 8:13 magnet 24.5

angels and demons  13:34 E neutral close is near 24.5 #EMWS $ES_F

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@ArthurHoganIII @rafe_mo enjoy the weekend and shut down those computers $ES_F

@Jediphone Sorry Jedi … Best I can do  #EMWS

@Jediphone 🙂 thanks Jedi I will check with my daughter who knows about these things and get back to u if anything makes sense #EMWS